Russia’s President Vladimir Putin introduced a bill into the Russian legislature Monday that seeks to create a special gambling zone in Crimea.

It is local tradition in Venezuela to burn effigies of Judas on Easter Sunday, but this year protesters decided to take a different spin on the annual ritual.

Despite an ongoing civil war that has divided the country and left more than 150,000 people dead as well as millions displaced, Syria’s government is preparing a democratic farce.

As tension mounts by the day, there is hardly a sector of Ukrainian society that has not been affected by the ongoing crisis in the country — and it turns out, not even Ukraine’s zoo animals are immune to the effects of political upheaval.

An Easter truce between pro-Russia activists and pro-Ukrainian groups was shattered today when a deadly gunfight erupted near the eastern Ukrainian city of Sloviansk.

There’s so much you can tell about a person from their drug of choice. Now the same can be applied to nations.Collage by Marta Parszeniew

The Story Behind Every Pothead’s Favorite Number: 420

Once in the hands of the whimsical and subversive stoner community — the number 420 began to find its way into all kinds of hilarious places.

Hobby Lobby president Steve Green’s outspoken belief in the Bible as literal truth could impact his ability to present a curriculum that is an objectively academic study of the Bible’s role in history.

Afghanistan was on its way to finally become clear of land mines. Then troops started departing, leaving all their shit behind.

Mohsen, like most Muslims, believes that permanent tattoos are haram — a sin.

According to Islamic law the human body is sacred and perfect exactly as God made it, so any intervention is seen as a form of mutilation. Today, in most Muslim countries, tattoos are considered makrouh — that is, they aren’t illegal per se, but it’s generally best to avoid them.

Death is an awfully high price to pay for a few dollars worth of gold.

In the past three years, 69 people have been killed by police at the North Mara Gold Mine, according to Wilson Mangure, a local ward councilor who has been tracking the incidents.